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Report: San Francisco area hit by rash of ‘fiber cuts’

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Report: San Francisco area hit by rash of 'fiber cuts' Power lines, underground cables subject to cybersecurity threats.

‘You’re a Hack!’ O’Reilly Explodes at George Will for Attacking His ‘No-Facts Zone’ Book

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Bill O'Reilly exploded and repeatedly called George Will a “hack” tonight in a fierce battle over whether O'Reilly's book Killing Reagan is factually accurate.

Russian brothers’ platform attracts jihadis driven from Facebook, Twitter

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Radical terrorists using social media to sow fear and recruit fighters have found a new media platform that ensures privacy, stores their files and, most of all, ...

Carson campaign admits West Point story was inaccurate

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Ben Carson's presidential campaign pushed back Friday at a published report questioning a seminal moment in the personal narrative of the Republican ...

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